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Simplify your communication strategy with our online virtual number. One app to connect you with anyone, anywhere.

Our Signature Features

Here’s what sets us apart

Virtual Phone Numbers

Buy a virtual phone number and expand your global reach effortlessly with Cybtel, connecting you to over 80 countries.

International Calling

Enjoy competitive rates and clear connections as you make international calls to and from anywhere in the world.

Secondary Number
(No SIM)

Experience the convenience of a Secondary Number without the need for an extra SIM card.

Crystal-Clear Audio Quality

Immerse yourself in our immaculate calling service that feels like you're in the same room.

Cybtel-to-Cybtel Calls

Experience the freedom of boundless conversations with free Cybtel-to-Cybtel calls.

VoIP Calling for SMEs

Whether it's for personal use or business needs, our VoIP technology ensures cost-effective, reliable, and crystal-clear communication.

Wi-Fi Texting & Chatting

Stay connected wherever you are with our Wi-Fi Calling and Texting feature.

Low Calling Rates & Packages

Connect affordably with our competitive low calling rates. Experience quality communication with our cheap online virtual number.

Low Bandwidth Usage

Enjoy uninterrupted communication even in low-bandwidth environments. Stay connected, no matter the network conditions.

SMS & Group Chats

Send text messages using our virtual number for SMS. Stay connected to peers and your group chats using our virtual phone number for texting.

Call Forwarding & Voicemail

Seamlessly redirect calls to stay accessible at all times. You can also capture important moments and messages with our reliable voicemail feature.

Secure & Safe with Backup

Trust in our commitment to your privacy and security. Your conversations are safeguarded and backedup giving you peace of mind.

Get started with Cybtel in just 3-Easy-Steps


Download the Cybtel App

Visit your app store, search for "Cybtel" and download the Cybtel App.


Setting Up Your Account

Open the App and select the number you want to associate with Cybtel.


Start Flawless Communication

You're all set! Enjoy Cybtel's crystal-clear quality international calls, competitive calling rates and much much more

Further More!

– Access our online virtual numbers covering 80+ countries, enabling you to reach friends and family with international calls worldwide.

– Engage in group chats, broadcast messages, and explore voicemail and call forwarding options.

– Enjoy crystal-clear audio quality, secure communication, and chat backup for your valuable conversations.

Who Prefers Cybtel?

Discover How Cybtel Transforms Communication in Various Scenerios and Needs

Small medium enterprises buy virtual phone number through Cybtel to connect with clients and partners across +80 countries. Small business owners can provide their employees with Cybtel’s virtual numbers online, offering a flexible and economical calling solution for professional communication.
Freelancers use Cybtel’s virtual phone number for business to maintain a professional presence and network. They opt for low calling rates and SMS packages to engage with clients and colleagues. Secure communication and voicemail ensure they never miss an opportunity.

Travelers buy virtual phone number through Cybtel for communication during their adventures. With low bandwidth usage and crystal-clear audio quality, they are able to avoid hefty roaming charges and stay in touch with loved ones, forward calls as they explore, and share media from around the world.

Users who prefer Wi-Fi texting and chatting over using mobile data can leverage Cybtel to send messages and communicate without incurring excessive data charges. Users can get a virtual number for WhatsApp as well.

People looking for a secondary phone number without the hassle of buying a new SIM card can easily buy virtual numbers through Cybtel. These users also use Cybtel provided virtual phone number for texting.

Users can acquire local numbers in different countries through Cybtel, allowing them to create multiple aliases or maintain privacy for various personal or professional reasons. Using Cybtel users can get virtual mobile numbers in +80 countries.

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